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Ethan Kennett’s Torlena Indie Comic Release at Hourglass Brewing!

Oh boy oh boy! As if 2 release events wasn’t enough, one more time, WITH FEELIN’! SATURDAY, June 9th we are sending Torlena #0 out into the world in style! This will be a very casual signing, where you can purchase Torlena AND mead! The mead you have purchase at the bar though, ha ha.

I’ve made a ton of friends at Hourglass Brewing. They are constantly holding art shows and creative events, AND they happen to be the brewmasters of some of the finest libations in Central Florida. It’s my local watering hole. It’s been integeral to me meeting local comic book folks as well.

Hourglass has a unique layout and friendly vibe, conveniently located next to the amazing Wako Taco. So you and your friends can grub and sip in style. The event is also all ages so  you parents can come by with your pack and hang out early. There are video game systems for the kids to play on. I see kids there all the time, the environment is safe and fun for all.

Also of note: There is an amazing local concert happening at The House of Blues on the same night. In fact, I know everyone playing; Meka Nizm, Soul Switch, A Brilliant Lie, and Copper Bones are all my peeps!  I would be there myself if I wasn’t slingin’ comics with a smile the same day. If you want to pregame it a little, come by Hourglass before you head out to rock later in the evening, that would be a win win for us!




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Torlena Release Day! Signing at Coliseum of Comcs Altamonte.

It’s finally here! The North American release of my first creator-owned comic, Torlena.

For those not in the area, my on-line store will be up and running today so you can purchase Torlena #0 safely and securely. 

My local comic shop is Coliseum of Comics. I’ve spent a good amount of time working on Torlena at the Altamonte location. I’ve made good friends there, and have met a ton of comic book enthusiasts while drawing away at the back tables. It made perfect sense to do my signing there.

Signings are usually an interesting affair, but hey can be a little stuffy at times. Since I am brand new in the comics scene, virtually unknown, it made sense to stay all day so I could meet more people. Wednesday is “new comic book day,” so all the die-hards will be out picking up there subscriptions.

I’m planning on having a lot of fun. I’ll be doing live videos and getting into all sorts of Tom-foolery when it gets slow. I’ll probably be drawing random creatures, who knows?!



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MegaCon Orlando Soft Rlease of Torlena #0

While I we be attending all four days of MegaCon, Saturday (May 26th, 2018) will be my only Artist Alley day. 

I will be selling and signing copies of Torlena #0 at table 251A with my friends from Fire Point Studios. The comic will sell for $4.99 ($5.31) after tax. My company, Kennett Creative Ventures, is equipped with chip reading technolgy to make your purchase super easy, and more importantly, secure. I will be accepting cash of course, but I hardly ever carry cash so this seemed like the easiest solution. 

My table mates, Brian Demeter and Mike Bramson, are both very talented artists.

Brian specializes in hybrid wood burning paintings of all shapes and sizes; his pieces always start good conversation and bring warmth to any space. 

Mike is a technical drawing wizard. His prints are amazing and would look good not only on your office wall, but in your home as well. Extremely detailed, but never cold, you could spend hours looking at a piece and still find new things.

The three of us together are sure to be your most entertaining table visit on Saturday!

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